Catching up on the Change Conversation

by Amanda Harding

Short blog break from my side and I noted the silence from the anglophones overwhelmed by Akil's blogpost last week. 

In the meantime, lots of choice of subjects given the 2014 back to school excitement here in France and beyond:

- scandal with our Presidency who has found no better distraction from his disastrous handling of the French economy than to sneak down the road in the middle of the night and knock on the first door to hand. The President ordinaire has turned out to be more ordinaire than we could have dreamed of.




- the President's escapades have also brilliantly displaced Dieudonné from the news though the damage is done with the birth of a new-look racism and anti-semitism and both discourse and gesture comfortably  normalized among a young generation of second generation immigrant families (more to come on this). Do I don't I, do I don't I - give airtime to a man that makes my blood run cold?

- further afield and the big man in Israeli power, politics and terror has left us. Some mistakingly thought this tragic event took place eight years ago, but no, we needed eight years to prepare the invitations for a State funeral taking place today (more to come on the remaining global leaders we thought long gone but actually taking a long nap).

- my personal contemplation continues, trying to unpick this idea of a "change conversation" but also astonished by the plethora of blogs (competing with my own and yes, I flatter myself here), all more technical than the next, reinforcing the race to be more expert than the next, proposing the latest conceptual framework, taking on the complications of complexity theory and innovation systems, results based management and learning systems, drawing up the latest diagrams for the BRICs and now the MINTs (great BBC World Service documentary), hopping between agents and agency, scale and scandal, resilience and reality. 

In an effort to keep this blog short given admissions (off line unfortunately) of limited attention spans, busy schedules and the necessity to read on-line, on-phone (my eyes are much too old to even attempt such a feat) I can admit to increasing clarity on my current direction: we're definitely talking change conversations. Positive, constructive and creative; fun, insightful and visionary. A conversation that rubs out the lines between the professional and the private, the expert and the layman and assembles in a live, rambling, intricate form that moves us collectively from where we are into wider, brighter spaces.