Bright on Boxing Day

by Amanda Harding

Keeping up the challenge of a blog a day. No expectations on content. Determined to find the creative writing, word-loving, thought provoking and funky me coming through the verbage.


Most noticeable today was the shift in discourse. With Christmas 2013 far behind us - yes, less than 24 hours - and Boxing Day a notion belonging to Victorian England and the likes of Upstairs Downstairs or Downton Abbey, "happy new year", "bonne année", "meilleurs voeux" have abounded. 

This notion of time, i.e. the urge to find ourselves in 2014 before we've even done with 2013, appears unnatural. What happened to the philosophy of living in the moment where we take the time to extend all our senses to the here and now, to where we are right now, who we are with and the privilege of the life we lead. Why the rush to move forward, anticipate, to jump in leaps and short cut the essential? This, once specific to our Northern urban culture is spreading, like a gluey green slime defying the gravity of age old philosophy and tradition where inter-generational contact was the norm and words moved through space at a pace digestible.

Defying the danger of nostalgia and not wanting to be associated with the fashion of slow cooking, the rural idyl or even fall for some anti-modernist thinking, I'm convinced that I, if no one else, must learn to see and hear the hear and now, to taste and smell the realities surrounding me and to touch in the immediate those I treasure so much.